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Argot Titanium Moccasin Shoe

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Say goodbye to uncomfortable shoes that hurt your feet!

Enjoy maximum comfort, style and quality with our Argot Titanium Loafers.

✓ Super soft and flexible , it adapts perfectly to the shape of your feet.

✓ Ultralight and resistant, combining comfort and durability.

✓ It has a non-slip sole that offers safety and stability when walking.

✓ Sole with cushioning technology to keep you free from foot pain.

✓ Footwear with anti-friction and anti-odor fabric, ideal for sensitive feet.

Versatile and handmade design for any occasion.

Super soft and flexible.

It adapts perfectly to the shape of your feet.

Made with high quality and selected leather, with a soft and flexible touch. In addition to being resistant, which increases the durability and useful life of the footwear.

Cushioning technology

It features advanced cushioning technology, allowing you to walk or stand for hours without discomfort or pain.

Orthopedic insole

Anti-friction and anti-odor.

Ideal for sensitive feet.

Lined with premium leather, it controls the temperature of the feet and prevents bad odors. In addition, it prevents injuries caused by friction.

Ultralight, resistant and non-slip.

More security and stability.

Thanks to the PU sole, it is very light. The heel it has guarantees greater stability and safety when walking, in addition to correcting posture and relieving pain.

Anti-shock and anatomical

More safety for the joints.

The gel insole has an amazing cushioning system that reduces impacts with the ground while you walk. Its anatomical shape reduces pain and discomfort in the plantar region of the foot.

Putting them on is easy and perfect.

More interior space.

With its elongated shape, it offers more space inside to avoid the feeling of tightness on the feet. Plus, it's laceless, making it easy to put on every day and aims to provide a perfect fit.

Technology and innovation.

Comfort Titanium technology was developed with the aim of providing maximum comfort. All the raw materials and construction of the footwear were designed to offer quality of life and well-being.

Hand made.

Our shoes are of artisanal excellence, with sophisticated finishes and reinforced seams between the upper part and the sole.

Why choose Argot Moccasins?

  • It is a special shoe to provide extreme comfort and freedom.
  • It is not only a stylish shoe, but also cares about well-being and quality of life.
  • Our manual processes guarantee incredible and unique quality in manufacturing.
  • Excellent value for money with competitive prices without losing its essence.
  • Modern and elegant, perfect for any occasion.

It is ideal for:

  • People looking for comfort, practicality, high quality and well-being.
  • People who suffer with uncomfortable shoes, which squeeze the foot and cause discomfort.
  • For people who work or spend a lot of time on their feet.
  • For people looking for versatile footwear for any occasion.


  • Material: Leather and Denim/Padded Reinforcement;
  • Sole material: Injected rubber and PU gel;
  • Palmilla : Anatomical gel;
  • Warranty : 7-day warranty against any manufacturing defect;
  • Package includes: 1 pair of Argot Titanium Moccasin Shoes
Argot Titanium Moccasin Shoe
Argot Titanium Moccasin Shoe Sale price$49.95 Regular price$70.91