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Classiqe Moccasin Orthopedic Shoe

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Unmatched Comfort and Sophisticated Style: Discover the Classiqe Women's Orthopedic Moccasin!

Created for women who do not want to sacrifice their well-being and elegance, this moccasin offers a unique experience of comfort with every step.

Cushioning Technology - Pain Prevention

It features advanced cushioning technology that helps prevent aches and pains. Walk lightly and without fear of feeling pain at the end of the day.


Comfort without Compromise - Soft, Flexible and Lightweight

Made with soft, flexible and lightweight materials, it gives you an unmatched feeling. As if you were walking on clouds.

There is nothing better than feeling comfortable all day long without giving up style and elegance.

Style and Elegance - Modern Design

With the Classiqe Women's Orthopedic Moccasin, comfort comes with a lot of style.

With its modern and sophisticated design, this loafer adds a touch of elegance to your look, without forgetting your well-being. Prove that style and comfort can go hand in hand!

Superior Quality - Resistant and Breathable Leather

Made with high-quality leather, resistant and breathable, guaranteeing durability. You are assured that you are purchasing a product that will last a long time.

Walking Safety - Non-Slip Sole

Walk safely on any type of surface thanks to the non-slip sole. Feel safe with every step, without worrying about possible slips or falls.

All the Best in a Single Moccasin!

  • Uncompromising comfort thanks to its soft, flexible and light composition
  • Style and elegance provided by a modern design
  • Superior quality with durable and breathable leather
  • Safety when walking thanks to the non-slip sole
  • Cushioning technology that prevents pain

Don't wait any longer to experience comfort and elegance! Click the Buy Now button and experience the feeling of walking on clouds without giving up style.

It is important that before purchasing, you take into account the measurements of the footwear. You can guide yourself with this image and verify your size in our size guide.

Please measure your foot size correctly. Put your bare foot on a blank sheet of paper, mark the size and measure it to know the size in cm of your foot.

Select the size according to the actual size of your foot, cm refers to the size of your foot:

Sapato Mocassim Ortopédico Feminino Classiqe - Frete Grátis Rinove
Classiqe Moccasin Orthopedic Shoe Sale price$39.99 Regular price$85.00