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Rafter Titanium Casual Shoe

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Say goodbye to uncomfortable and poor quality sneakers!

Comfort, Style, Softness and Practicality like never before in super practical sneakers! Get to know our beloved Rafter Titanium Sneakers!

The Rafter Sneakers are made with a polyurethane sole that is not only super light and flexible , but also durable and resistant.

You can even machine wash them, making your life easier. Able to cushion any impact, they offer more comfort and softness .

Non-Slip Sole and Exclusive Lace Design

They have a non-slip sole and practical laces that ensure that your feet are well positioned during the step in an anatomical way, providing security so that you can walk without worrying about slipping or twisting.

Combining class, comfort and elegance

If you are looking for class and comfort, it is perfect for you! It is a great option for any occasion, whether leisure, activities or work.

Cushioning Technology

It has advanced cushioning technology that allows you to walk or stand for hours without discomfort or pain.

Orthopedic insole

Light and comfortable

The upper is made of a lightweight and comfortable material, providing a new experience of maximum comfort.

Durable Elastic Laces

Sneakers with durable elastic laces for total comfort and ease in your daily life when putting on your sneakers.

Comfortable and Refreshing Inside

Comfortable and soft lining that provides air circulation inside the shoe for an easy, light and refreshing walk.

Durable and Non-Slip Sole

Wear-resistant rubber sole with non-slip technology to ensure your safety when walking, in addition to the maximum comfort it provides.

Modern and Elegant Design

It accompanies you at work and leisure, it combines with any look. In modern fashion, it is the ideal choice, clean and minimalist, it has become a trend.

Key Benefits:

  • Made of quality material, guaranteeing greater durability of the product;
  • Breathable, perfect for any occasion;
  • Modern and elegant;
  • They provide a great feeling of freedom and comfort;


  • Upper Material: Textile and mesh with breathable fabric
  • Sole Material: Rubber with anti-slip technology
  • Insole Material: Shock-absorbing rubber
  • Package: 1 pair of Titanium Rafter Slippers
  • Package Weight: 710g

Rafter Titanium Casual Shoe
Rafter Titanium Casual Shoe Sale price$37.00 Regular price$70.18